Your skin faces countless threats each and every day, from the progression of time to harsh toxins in our environment. That’s why it’s so important to nurture your skin with top-quality products custom-selected by our team to meet your unique needs.


At Plastic Surgery of New York, we can help you find the ideal products for your daily skin-care regimen. Along with creating custom formulations that repair everyday damage and revitalize your skin, Plastic Surgery of New York’s licensed medical aestheticians can also address any of your questions or concerns about proper skin care.



For everyday help in revitalizing your skin, upgrade your at-home routine with Plastic Surgery of New York’s specially formulated skin-care line. With our in-depth insight into your skin’s complex structure and metabolic needs, this full line of cleansers, conditioners, and serums provides the nourishment essential to a beautiful complexion.


When you visit Plastic Surgery of New York, treat yourself to a professional facial.  Allow our aestheticians to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin to bring out your beautiful complexion.  Our aestheticians will show you how to use our skin-care line for optimal results—including suggestions on combining products to take advantage of their powerful synergistic effects.




Complimentary Consultation
Customized In-Office Skin-Care Treatments
Chemical Peel

Laser Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)


Our skin-care services aim to restore your skin’s natural radiance and suppleness. With each treatment tailored to meet your individual needs, our staff will also guide you in creating an at-home regimen to enhance our results. This dual approach fully reflects our long-held beauty philosophy: professional treatment + home care = healthy, gorgeous skin.




If you’re seeking rejuvenation without the commitment of surgery, BOTOX® might be right for you. One of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments, BOTOX® diminishes unwanted lines and wrinkles and leaves your skin looking incredibly youthful.


When injected into problem areas, BOTOX® smooths away wrinkles by relaxing certain small facial muscles. To find out if you’re a candidate for this widely favored treatment, contact Plastic Surgery of New York for an evaluation.




For a non-surgical approach to smoothing out wrinkles, Juvederm is another highly preferred injectable treatment. A type of gel filler known for delivering natural yet striking results, Juvederm can instantly revitalize your appearance. In fact, our patients are often amazed at how dramatically their looks improve within minutes of injection.


While many patients combine Juvederm with cosmetic surgery, others opt for Juvederm alone when treating frown lines and other problem areas. To determine your best option, schedule a free consultation with Plastic Surgery of New York today.




One of the simplest ways to transform your appearance, a laser treatment at Plastic Surgery of New York can instantly take care of your trouble spots. This top-of-the-line technique can build collagen, reverse aging in the skin, and help with skin resurfacing. It’s also great for removing hair, blemishes, spider veins, and tattoos.


Through a consultation with our doctors, you can discuss your specific concerns and check out our treatment options—many of which are far less expensive than expected. To that end, we can treat most areas in just a few brief visits, with minimal downtime and fast recovery.


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